Schedule – MDIA 4130

COURSE CALENDAR – MDIA 4130 – Social Media Analytics

Date Content Activity
WEEK 1 Course Introduction & Social Media Analytics Overview
Aug 29 Introduction to the course; grading and attendance policies
Reading: Holsapple et al. (2014). Business Social Media Analytics: Definition, Benefits, and Challenges
Aug 31 Foundations of Media Analytics Lecture
WEEK 2 The Case for Measurement: Goal Setting, Goal Alignment, and Objectives
Sept 05 Measurement & SMART Goals & Strategies Lecture
Sept 07 Exploring Analytics Tools Case Study 1 Due: RelishMix
WEEK 3 Social Media Text Analytics – I
Sept 12 Text Analytics Lecture
Sept 14 Netlytic Text Analytics Tutorial Tutorial
WEEK 4 Social Media Text Analytics – II
Sept 19 Text Analytics – Sentiment Analysis Lecture
Project Proposal Meetings (office hours)
Reading: The Seven Practice Areas of Text Analytics
Sept 21 Trackur Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis with Excel

Project Proposal Meetings (office hours)

Case Study 2 Due
WEEK 5 Social Media Network Analytics – I
Sept 26 Network Analytics Lecture
Reading: Network Analytics
Sept 28 NodeXl Tutorial Tutorial
WEEK 6 Social Media Network Analytics – II
Oct 03 Hyperlink Analytics

People Analytics

Oct 05 Netlytic Network Analytics Tutorial Tutorial
A1: Netlytic Due
WEEK 7 Analytics Nuts & Bolts: Action & Engagement
Oct 10 Fall Reading Day (no class) Lecture & Discussion
Oct 12 Action Analytics & Engagement

Creating Engagement Worksheet in Excel

Reading: Khan, M. L. (2017). Social media engagement: What motivates user participation and consumption on YouTube?. Computers in Human Behavior, 66, 236-247.

Lecture and Tutorial
WEEK 8 Social Media ROI & SWOT Analysis
Oct 17 ROI Lecture
Oct 19 SWOT Analysis Case Study 3 Due
WEEK 9 Storytelling with Data
Oct 24 Data visualization

Walmart: Faster decisions with people analytics

Oct 26 Reading: Which Chart or Graph is Right for You?
Excel Visualization tutorial 
Case Study 4 Due
WEEK 10 Data Visualization with Tableau
Oct 31 Visual Analytics Lecture / Tutorial
Nov 02 Tableau Exercises Tutorial
WEEK 11 Search Engine Analytics and SEO
Nov 07 Search Engine Analytics
Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Project [Sections 1,  3, & 4 Due]

Nov 09 Google Analytics Tutorial
WEEK 12 Location Analytics
Nov 14 Geo Analytics Lecture
Nov 16 Google Fusion Tables Tutorial; A2-Tableau Due
WEEK 13 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 21 No Class.  Work on Projects Lecture
Project [Sections 5, 6 & 7 Due]
Nov 23 Work on Projects
WEEK 14 Video Analytics
Nov 28 Measuring video consumption & participation  Project [Sections 8 & 9 Due]
Nov 30  FollowTheHashtag Tutorial/Reading
WEEK 15 Project Presentations
Dec 05 Project Presentation Meeting – Final Analytics Reports Due
Dec 07 Social Media Analytics Poster Presentation Day